Soapy Goodness

I got up extra early this morning, and for those that know me on Facebook, or in person, know that mornings are NOT my thing.  I require a large quantity of coffee in the morning before I’m suitable for public interaction.  Anyway, I got up early this morning so that I could load my craft show trailer before work.  I left more or less on time and drove to work.  When I got to campus, I parked in one of the outlying lots and proceeded to trek across campus to my building.  This evening I’ll trek back to my car and trailer and will head out to set up for my next craft show.

Earlier this week I spent an evening making a fresh batch of Courageous Lotion, and a batch of Orange EO Lotion too.  I probably should have spent an hour or two packing up some more soap too, but I just didn’t get that far.  But I’m prepared, more or less for the show.  Tonight I’ll set up my tables, and get most of the product set up.  While doing that, I’ll make a list of what I need to priority restock in the morning.  I know Courageous soap is on the list, and Honey Almond too.  But I should be able to get everything fairly well set in an hour or so, and then I can head home for the night to do chores, make dinner, pack the soap restock I need, get all the winery stock I need for tomorrow, and hopefully fall into bed before 11.

I’ll be up extra early tomorrow so that I can make it to the show when the doors open at 7.  A bit more set up and then I should be ready to start selling stuff when they open the doors to the public.  This show is a chance for me to represent my own soap business of course, but also to sell wine for the winery my husband and I also own.  Oh…and raise awareness about MRKH too!  Thankfully it’s only a one day show…because I have a feeling I’m going to be REALLY tired by the time I get back home tomorrow night.

I enjoy putting MRKH on display for the public.  The Beautiful You MRKH logo is so stunning, it catches your eye when you see the banners, and people generally are inclined to help support a “cause” especially around the holidays.  I’ll be working hard to raise awareness and empower all women, but especially my fellow MRKH warrior sisters!  If you are local to Moscow, Idaho – stop by and say hi!

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