Three Simple Words

Power in words

Live Laugh Love

Love conquers all

I love you

I forgive you

I believe you

I trust you

You are beautiful

You are smart

You are kind

You belong here

You inspire me

You have courage

You have strength

You have faith

You will change

It is true

It is pure

It is honest

It is powerful

There is hope

There is light

There is peace

There is love

There is truth

There is wisdom

Knowledge is power

Seize the day

Life is good

Imperfection is beauty

Connect with nature

Nurture your soul

Count your blessings

Believe in yourself

Make a difference

Let it be

Go for it

Be a mentor

Pay it forward

Yes you can

Change is growth

I was lost

Walk with me

I’ll be there

Talk with me

Pray about it

Don’t be afraid

Seek the Lord

Found my way

Lamb of God

Shine your light

Speak the truth

Life of sacrifice

Forgive my sins

Died for me

Died for you

Body of Christ

Blood of Christ

I am yours

You are mine

Touched by grace

Gift of mercy

Peace from within

King of Kings

God is love

In His name

Baptism on Sunday

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  1. […] the day I accepted Jesus as my Savior at the age of 10 was a turning point in my life. When I was baptized two years ago, it was another moment of remarkable change in choosing who I wanted to be and what […]

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