What to say

I’ve been noodling a couple of ideas about things I’d like to write about for…well…weeks actually.  I have several topics in mind, and just haven’t made the time to actually write them.

I think it’s called writer’s block actually.

Or procrastination.

Or some combination of both.

Here are some of the things I’ve been thinking about writing about…

I’d like to continue my discussion of “Thoughts on…” I did the Courage one, but I’d also like to write about both strength and faith.  Do you pick up on the theme here?  They are all in my tattoo. (face palm!)  So I’ve been thinking about that.

For the last several weeks my lovely Pastor has been pestering our congregation to write our testament to faith to be shared during Lent.  I actually did write that one, and pieces of it have been written here already.  But anything with a due date has priority right?

I’ve been thinking about writing kind of an “advice for MRKH partners” piece…you know, how to tell you significant other all about MRKH…and specifically talking about dilation, surgery, and how it all plays into sexual intimacy.  (did I seriously just switch from talking about my Pastor to sexual intimacy?!?!?  Apparently, that’s a giant YES!)

Along the same lines of MRKH, I’ve been thinking about talking about family support too.  Brothers, sisters, parents, nieces, nephews….all of that…who to turn to for support, and what are common misconceptions…the whole family guilt complex…all of it.

I’ve been thinking more about how my own experience affects others – how much I talk about MRKH, my faith, and how it makes others feel.

I kind of want to talk about a weird experience I had on the plane last week when traveling…

I don’t want to talk about politics.  I don’t really want to read about it either, just in case you were wondering.

I want to talk about parenthood options, and highlight a few stories of women who inspire me.

I want to talk about how much MRKH outreach has changed in the past few years…and the joy I see when women speak up.

I’d like to talk about spring…but the weather isn’t cooperating in making me feel “spring-like” here in N. Central Idaho…thanks for asking!


See…lots of things in my brain, and options to think about writing.  But do you all see what I did there?  I posted a list I can refer back to in the coming weeks and say…yep…I need to cover that one!  I also gave you carte blanche to tell me what YOU want to see me write about.  I know you are reading, but not many are brave enough to comment!

So there you go…a bloggity post for you…let me know what you’d like to see me writing about and I’ll move you up the priority list!!!


xoxo, Heidi

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