Day One and The Start of Day Two

Checked into the hospital at 7:15 yesterday morning.  Filled out all the paperwork and back to the pre-op area.  Changed into the hospital gown, donned the lovely compression socks and the fleecy warm socks. They took two samples for blood typing, and started the iv in my right hand.  Bp cuffs, calves wrapped up in variable compression socks to help avoid blood clots.  Some funny commentary from my friends while we waited.

When it came time to take me back, we prayed and then off I went to the OR.  I obviously don’t remember anything that happened in the OR…before I woke up in recovery.  They had me on a morphine pain pump that I could push a dose every 8 minutes.

I munched on ice chips, and a glass of apple juice.  I ordered my dinner – chicken marsala, roasted asparagus, smashed red potatoes, and  love green salad. Then the fun started…

My equilibrium was off so I got both a walker and a gait belt to keep me from toppling.  A bit lightheaded, but I did go out and walk, then transferred back into bed.  Once i got back into bed, I could hit the pain button and got comfortable.  After I ate my yummy dinner, they gave me a muscle relaxer. and that really seemed to help.  Somewhere around midnight they switched out the morphine and we started on Percocet.  and I went on another walk down the hallway.  A bit more stable that time. I was able to get a couple hour stretches of sleep so that helped.

This morning – Day 2

5 am walk down the hallway…doc popped in to see how I was doing, I ordered breakfast, and they took my catheter out. Shift change this morning, and then my breakfast came in.  French Toast, sausage and a fruit bowl…but physical therapy came at the same so out of bed and down the hall again.  A pit stop to go pee, and then breakfast. Back in bed now as it is the most comfortable place to be.  Fairly reclined and able to stay fairly comfortable.  My pain is well managed today and I got to brush my teeth!! its the simple things.

Today I’m supposed to get up and walk a little every couple of hours – building my strength.  The plan is for me to spend one more night – to ensure I can rest and build up more strength and then discharged Wednesday.

So that is generally how I’m doing. Thank you for the continued prayers.

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