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About Our Twilight Inspired Goat Milk Soap Collection:

Many, many thanks to Stephenie Meyer, author of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. Through these novels Ms. Meyer has created a whole phenomenon centered around the small Pacific Northwest town of Forks, Washington. A world where romance and heartbreak, vampires and werewolves, mortals and immortals all exist. A world where the lines of myth and legends are blurred, and a new story begins. Ms. Meyer holds the copyright to the books, story, and characters within; through her stories I have found my own inspiration.

The Twilight series has many facets that make it appealing. The classic “first love” story mixes with fantasy to appeal to some readers. The legends of Native American tribes appeals to many. The setting of the beautiful Pacific Northwest appeals to others. The many references to classic literary works like Shakespeare, turn of the century novels by Jane Austen, Emily Bronte, classic poetry from Tennyson and Frost, carry their own appeal. The fascination of vampires and werewolves and the whole supernatural world we can’t possibly envision. All of these facets combine together with absolute grace in the Twilight series. I found myself fascinated, enthralled, captivated, and utterly engrossed in the Twilight series for just these reasons.

Throughout the series, the essence of each character and place is brought vividly to life. I could not help but be inspired by the descriptions Ms. Meyer used to describe them, especially when she spoke of specific scents for different characters. This got my creative juices flowing, so to speak, and I began to contemplate options for creating a line of soaps inspired by the Twilight series. Using all natural ingredients to create the best possible bar of soap, only natural colorants to match the personalities, and the best matching scent combinations for each of the characters, I embarked on one of my favorite creative excursions of all time.

My hope is that you will enjoy these soaps as a complement to the Twilight series; but also that you will enjoy
them for their intended purpose as an exceptional handcrafted bar of soap – with skin nourishing goodness,
thick abundant lather, and, of course, mouthwatering fragrances!

Order Our Twilight Inspired Goat Milk Soaps Here:
  Handcrafted Goats Milk Soap Bars
$5.00 each


Fragrance Desciptions of Our Twilight Inspired Goat Milk Soap Collection:

Sunset Pines Naturals Goat Milk Soaps Inspired by Twilight: Bella & Edward

Bella’s Scent is described as very floral smell, like lavender . . . or freesia. Edward says "It's mouthwatering." Of course there are the lavender and freesia both, but we also have notes of rose, iris, violet, and soft musk to make her sexy, but also fresh and innocent. We decided that paprika in the base and a swirl using madder root gave us a lovely color palette to represent Bella.

Edward’s Scent is described as honey, lilacs and sunshine. We like to think he is young and sporty, clean and sexy, so to round him out, we’ve added a bit of vanilla, heliotrope, dry wood, and grapefruit. We’ve used turmeric in the base and cinnamon for a swirl to represent Edward’s bronze hair.

Sunset Pines Naturals Goat Milk Soaps Inspired by Twilight: Alice & Jasper

Alice is Just Alice, pixie-like, cute and flirty. She is sparkling orange, lemon and linen - delicate with violet jasmine and mimosa. She has a sexy amber, sheer wood and musky side too. Alice is “just Alice”, so we colored her with paprika to a soft apricot color and added grated orange peel for look and texture.

Jasper - How to describe Jasper? Quiet but wild? Calming but edgy? What about initially shy but with uncontainable intensity? Jasper is all these things and more! We’ve decided he has a bit of fresh air, cucumber and green pear, with cyclamen, lily, green melon, amber and musk. We used a subtle amount of cinnamon
to color him a warm tan with a bit of complexity.

Sunset Pines Naturals Goat Milk Soaps Inspired by Twilight: Esme & Carlisle

Esme is the perfect complement to Carlisle, think green melons, fresh air, wild flowers, jasmine, violet, cashmere and musk. She’s lovely, classy and happy, so we colored her base with pink kaolin clay to a very soft tone, and used parsley powder to give her the same speckled bright green swirl as her Carlisle.

Carlisle is the father figure, yet to humans, he is still young and desirable. We went with a blend of citrus, linen, fresh air, a touch of melon, amber, musk and precious woods. He’s masculine and sexy, and has the refined father figure coolness too. We used parsley powder to give us a speckled bright green swirl.

Sunset Pines Naturals Goat Milk Soaps Inspired by Twilight: Rosalie & Emmett

Rosalie is said to be the incarnation of pure beauty, so we gave her a deeper more complex floral scent with
French lavender, violet, white rose, iris, woods and sweet musk. Rosalie, while intensely feminine, is certainly stronger and more animalistic – true to her nature. We went ultra feminine in her coloring too with madder root throughout for a deep rich rosy-pink and the addition of lavender buds.

Emmett is a huge, muscular, powerful brute, so we kept it very masculine with a blend of bay, rum, lime, mahogany, amber, vanilla and bergamot. He’s said to have dark curls, so we went with a simple charcoal swirl in an uncolored pale base.

Sunset Pines Naturals Goat Milk Soaps Inspired by Twilight: Jacob and the Volturi

Jacob Black was fun to create- fresh and young, but incredibly masculine too. We went with a blend of evergreen, woods, moss, patchouli and sensual musk. In recognition of his russet skin (and fur!) and jet black hair we colored the base in a rich cinnamon tone, and gave him a charcoal black swirl.

The Volturi are described as royalty, the ruling class. We represent them with timeless lemon, lime, lavender and amber combined with cedar, clover and patchouli. This is a very rich, sexy and enticing scent. We used Moroccan red clay to color the base to match the Tuscan countryside, and used cocoa powder for a deep brown swirl.

Sunset Pines Naturals Goat Milk Soaps Inspired by Twilight: The City of Forks & The Meadow

The City of Forks is very green and woody, with evergreen, moss, vetiver, and lemon to round it out, and of course the ever-present fresh mountain rains to clear the air. The result is a great unisex fragrance, fresh and yet complex. We used parsley powder throughout, and a cocoa powder swirl to represent the City of Forks.

The Meadow is a magical place! We did a blend of grassy green, melon, rich wood and vanilla to create the magic here. We used parsley powder throughout and lavender buds to represent the wild flowers.

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